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How to increase website traffic and sales revenue

How to increase website traffic and sales revenue

How to increase website traffic and sales revenue
How to increase website traffic and sales revenue

Increasing website traffic and sales revenue have a lot of people concerned now that the economy is showing signs of another recession. With so many sites out there working for the competition and more and shakier advertisers, how are you supposed to survive?

The first thing you must do is this: don't panic. Panicking in times of economic hardship is usually how most companies, and in this case websites, go down the tube. They cling to outdated ideas that may be revenue generators today but show little hope for the future.

Innovators succeed in this environment. And if you want your site to succeed, whether it is an informational blog or a business that sells products and services and depends on advertising as well, then you need to get your traffic and sales revenue moving. To do this effectively, you need a promotion. What are some good ideas for promotions?

Discount Coupons

In times of economic hardship, discount coupons are more appreciated than ever. If consumers feel like they are getting a deal by coming to your site, then they are likely to come back, bringing their friends with them. No website can succeed unless they are building positive word of mouth, and yours is no exception. It's not the people with you today that is going to determine your growth. It's the people with you in the future. But at the equal time, you have to treat your customers right now; therefore the ones in the prospect will be able to find you. To you, they should all be valuable. Coupons are a way of showing them that they are.


Giveaways are useful promotion ideas for building traffic and generating sales revenue because they create a sense of community while also rewarding individuals and coaxing them into paying a visit to the site.
If you're doing a giveaway, try to have a little fun with it. For instance, if you run a movie information site, trivia contests always do well. You can choose a winning name from a hat that contains only the names of those who got the right answer. Giveaway is a fun way to reward your visitors and to build word of mouth among movie lovers that your site is one worth checking out.

SEO Article Campaigns

To succeed, you will still need the search engines to love you, and the best way to do this is to get some quality optimized articles out there that link back to your site. In the process, you can partner with some websites that may share interests with you, while not being in direct competition. Using social media networks will also allow you to blast your articles to thousands of followers and friends at once.