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5 Ways to Identify Your Top Competitors

5 Ways to Identify Your Top Competitors

5 Ways to Identify Your Top Competitors
5 Ways to Identify Your Top Competitors

Here are 5 ways you can begin to identify your real competence:

1) Google your top 3-5 keyword phrases. Create a Google search regarding what kind of your ideal clients to find your services. If you work in a particular geographic location, also include your city, your town or zip code in the search. Explore companies that appear in the first 1-2 pages. In doing this, try not to use industry jargon. This is not the way your customers want it.

2) Research on social media. Just as in the Google search mentioned above, you want to look for rivals on the social media platform your buyers are likely to use. If the B2B service is, by default, LinkedIn. If you are a B2C, use Facebook. Even if you do not use social media in your business right away, do not assume that you are customers do not use. And I can almost guarantee that its main competitors are using social media to build trust in their market. Check out.

3) Ask your customers. Follow up with your best clients and find out what works and why they were chosen. Your best clients are the ones who buy from you on several occasions and refer others to your business. These are your gold customer, and you want as much as you can handle, so be sure to find out which of your competitors are on your radar.

4) Ask your potential customers. Try to have a process in place so you can ask potential clients whom else to plan to work with and what you are likely to base your decision on. Because most prospects "price" default makes sure, you dig and discover what could make them safer to hire you or one of your competitors. You can also continue with the prospects you know go elsewhere. This is really a great sign that you value your opinion and that you could even get future business this way. Especially if you are not completely delighted with the company, you hired.

5) Look around. Who appears everywhere? If you see, then it is likely that your customers see them too. This means online and offline. Who is lost and why? Always keep your eyes open.

Keep a current spreadsheet with your competition and identify your niches, strengths, and weaknesses.

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